I have no brain.

  1. Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are identical with material interactions. – wikipedia


Materialism is a logically absurd philosophy that is destroying life.

We are nearly all materialists, we all believe that the world is made of stuff called matter. We have been taught that it is true. When it comes to who we are, material philosophers will argue that consciousness arises somehow out of the complex interactions of neurons. They can say this because they study the brain and conscious experience and it appears that there is a link between them, certain areas of the brain “light up” depending on what kind of experience is going on.

Neuro scientists, most of whom are materialists, believe that what we call reality is really only a pattern of neurons firing, what we “see” is not the actual object, but the neuron activity that interaction with the (unknowable) object creates. To the materialist, we are like televisions. Electromagnetic energy, or some kind of energy, enters the TV set (our 5 senses) and gets converted into an image , a sound , an experience, and that is what we call reality out there, the sound and light show in our brain.

So there is no way of knowing what is “really out there”, a soup of energy, buttermilk, reality is all in the head.

Not a very impressive theory.

But it gets worse, the materialists (scientists, doctors, and others like them) simply shut their eyes and their minds to the logical fulfillment of their own idiotic belief system, sorry scientific truth!

Somehow, our brain gets separated from the unknown world “out there”. There is no way of knowing what a flower is really, but we all have a brain that is for sure!

Is there any difference between my experience of observing neurons and that of watching say a tree?


So, if my experience of the tree is really just a mysterious effect of neuronal behavior, then the same is true for my experience of a brain. In other words even my brain is all in my head!

So if the tree does not “really” exist, logically neither does my brain.

This is simply ridiculous, yet we have all fallen for this bullshit for the last few hundred years, with the result that we are destroying each other and the earth.

Why is it destroying life on earth? Because is separates “You” from “Reality out there” and that allows you to treat “reality out there” as being different from who “You” are, rather like saying because you are not like me, you are worthless. As this separation is based on a ridiculous lie, then the effects of actions based on the lie cannot be expected to be life enhancing, they go against the flow of life, against truth.

So what is the truth?

Well, if you are reading this, that is truth. If you are looking out the window, that is truth. Whatever is happening in your life is truth. You look at a tree, that tree is not separate from you, it is part of your consciousness, it IS your consciousness. Whatever is going on in your consciousness is truth. All experience is consciousness only. If the tree appears to be separated from you, that is only an appearance, based on your mistaken belief that you are your body and that consciousness is in your brain. The tree is in your consciousness in exactly the same way that your body is in your consciousness. Where do “You” end and “Not you” begin?

Are you your toe nail? Are you your hair? Are you the dead skin that covers your body? Are you the nerve that causes you to feel pain if you bite your finger? Where do you start and where do you end?

“You” are just a concept in consciousness, just like the tree, they are the same. There is no other reality “out there”. So “I” do not “have” a brain, nor do I “have” the watch on my wrist, it is all an experience in consciousness, there is not other way to describe it, so it must be true.

Consciousness is not created or destroyed, for it is every thing.

and if it ain’t got that swing, then it don’t mean a thing!

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What is spirituality?

neurons light up as the fire Image courtesy of Adam Cohen

Guiding lights

Here I give my view on the topic called spirituality, in doing so I refer to that use of the term in connection to other terms such as self realization and enlightenment, generally in the context of Eastern practices, and not the version of the word used in connection with monotheistic religions of the west.

The first thing I want to say is that spirituality is actually Reality. It is the discovery of what is Real. Reality is an attribute of existence,so spirituality is the understanding of the true nature of that which exists. The word spiritual and its derivatives only have meaning in the context of the incomplete or erroneous understanding of what constitutes reality. So Spirituality is actually Reality seen correctly.

This means that Enlightenment and other states referred to in eastern spirituality are not some “other” condition of being, it is not “missing” from your present condition, it is not some change of state or transformation. It is nothing other that the understanding of what you are, right here and now.

Spirituality is thus akin to anatomy, humans have always had anatomy, even if they did not always know of it. The discovery of anatomy was thus the realization of what was already there, an expansion of reality into the domain of belief.

So, spirituality is an objective science, perhaps the only objective science. It is understanding.

In the context of eastern spirituality, this means the understanding of consciousness.

The neuro scientist will say consciousness is caused by the neurons, they will also say that we have no real knowledge of the outside world, it is all a creation of the brain based on nerve impulses..

All you experience of reality appears to be an event in the brain

So the brain is an event in the brain?


The brain is a manifestation of mind like everything else, there is no other explanation.

The most intimate expression of consciousness is the thought “I”, from there it spreads outwards to become the body, from there it becomes the world and on to become the universe.

The universe is not other than what you are in truth.

In fact , although the word or thought “I” is commonly assumed to be an expression of consciousness, it is in fact error or ignorance. The mistaken assumption that I exist in any way apart from the totality, immediately creates another mistake called “not I” and thus into the belief in the duality of object and subject, self and not self and so on.

The best way to immagine reality is to consider what happens when we dream. In a dream we have a seeming seperate existence, time and space seem to exist, we experience emotions and everything else, just as we do in “real” life. In fact we have no idea that we are dreaming until we wake up. Upon waking we realize that we were dreaming, and that everything in the dream was just “in our heads”, made up of dream stuff, mind. Whoever we meet and interact with in a dream, are still somehow a part of our mind stuff, in the same way even the “you” in the dream is a part of the bigger you that is dreaming the whole dream. It may even be possible that someone in “your” dream comes and tells you that in reality it is all a dream, everything is made of consciousness, in reality you (the dreamer) are free from the dream events, the dream time and dream space.

As a part of your dream I am a part of you, explaining how reality is, that you are in fact dreaming.

There is nothing other than this dream, this universal dream in which all is.

These words download from the Great Dreamer into my mind and I set them down, please don’t think that I write when I want, I write when I have to, the words have to come out, it is not “me”.

Yoga is the method by which one becomes aware of how reality is, I have written about it in my other posts.

Materialism,  the belief that there is a world “out there” made of “stuff”, cannot be proven, all evidence actually points otherwise. There is no “out there”, “stuff” or matter is just another form of consciousness. This is the only logically coherent understanding.

So, to sum up, Spirituality is understanding of Reality. Reality consists of consciousness, mind stuff. Consciousness creates everything, world, body, brain, self, just like a dream.

If your life is a dream, are you the dreamer?

I think not, the dreamer is The Divine, each of us is an artifact in the dream of the divine. I cannot see the logic to believe otherwise, I am a part of the Divine, but I am not all of it.

Of course, spirituality is not just understanding, what is clear is that if I do not behave in a manner which expresses my understanding, then I have not understood. Spiritual understanding must manifest in compassion and love, non violence. As the great sage Meher Baba said:

If you want to raise the Kundalini

feed someone!

with love and peace from I to you.

– Nemir

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Yoga is a mindless activity

with all the rush to achieve the union of Yoga and Mindfulness, I offer an alternative view

the naked human

A traditional image of Sri Patanjali A traditional image of Sri Patanjali

Yoga Sutra 1.2
Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness. (translation by Georg Feuerstein)

The most commonly known authoritative text on Yoga is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The Yoga sutras are a series of short and clear aphorisms about the workings of the human mind, written sometime between 500BC and 500AD. In the Yoga Sutras the goal of Yoga is defined as Kaivalya or liberation, and the means by which this is achieved is the cessation of mental activity. In other words the goal of Yoga is achieved through reducing mind to a minimum, mind less ness. Why is that? Is Yoga just the stilling of mental activity or is it what happens when mental activity is stilled? Of course most people practice yoga simply as a means to feel good and stay healthy, and may not be interested in…

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Here lives a free man

here lives a free man

the dissolved man

here lives the free man

spinning the orbits

not the planets

here lives the water

exposed to the sun

here lives no one

here lives you

here lives the blue note

here lives the old song

birth of the world

here lives dust

here lives struggle

pain and joy

here lives the free man

here lives confusion

and cold fusion

here lives wisdom

here lives the fool

the old timer

here lives a free man

take from him

take what he gives

here lives a free man

here lives a free man

here lives a free man

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Seeker of Truth

Realization is the destruction and recreation of reality just as it was with one crucial difference, understanding.

तत् त्वम् असि

YOu aRe tHAt

Whatever is happening in consciousness is you, and there is nothing which does not happen in consciousness.

This seed of truth

planted in the earth of unknowing


to become

the flower

of love.

This is it, you who seek the seeds of eternal truths, find them in them everyday acts of your life, no where else. When you find them, plant them with integrity in the depths of your soul, water them with remembrance and dedication and patience until the flower of love blooms in your heart and your eyes hover over the edge of the universe.

There is no need to consider how to treat others, what to do, treat them as they are your very self, be in this world as if you are the world, practice this knowing.

You are the master of the elements, they exist through and in you and not the other way round, do not try to compete with them or change them, they have their purpose. You are only responsible for your acts, only that. Let your feelings come and go, desire, fire, let them play in you, but you are that, so act wisely.

You are alone in this world, this world is alone in you, all one. You have neither brother nor sister, mother nor father, friend or foe, but that they are your very self, so act accordingly and do not fall into the trap of separation.

Love is something to become

the only thing

Try to realize what is happening right now, these words appearing in your mind, the universal mind, not coming from my mind and entering your mind, but appearing as universal mind, where we and all existence are one.

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The Chaser

Maki-e Neurons neuron art on gold leaf by Greg Dunn


If you have read my last post “swallowing the sun” and if you have digested it, then a few disconcerting facts should be apparent:

1. All that you have ever experienced about the world is nothing other than electro-chemical code transmitted to your brain and somehow “experienced”

2. You have no idea what “reality out there” really is.

3. What you experience of the unknown reality is in fact your imagination, the light of the sun, the scent of the rose, all of it is within you, and always was.

Now, hold on to your hats because here comes the chaser!

If it is true that the color of the rose, its perfume, the softness of its petals, the sharpness of its thorns, everything you can say about it, is a creation in your mind which results from the stimulation of your nervous system, then it is also true for any other part of reality, be it the mountain, the sun, or your own body.


All you know about your finger nail, is what is transmitted to your mind by your eyes, your skin, your nerves. All you know about your arm is the same. Right?

So, logically and rationally, all you can ever know about your nervous system is what is transmitted to your brain by your nervous system.


In other words there is no more reality to your nervous system, or your brain, than there is to the rose, or the sun.

In other words, your body is also in your mind, and so is your brain. Your brain is just another type of flower in your mind.

So, the idea that when you look at the flower or the light bulb, light somehow “enters” into a “body” that is you and stimulates electrochemical signals along “nerves” into your “brain” creating a vision of reality “out there” is complete non sense.

Logically and rationally, there is no “out there” as there is no “in here”, there is no “unknown reality” that we cannot really see or know, because there is no “we” to experience it!

I know, this is strong stuff.

Your body, brain is a part of your mind, just as the light bulb is, just as the sun is, just as the rose is, just as reality is.

There is no difference between “you” and “reality”, they are one and the same!

There is no duality, no object and no subject.

No “I” and no “You”

Only that which we call mind or consciousness.

This is called the Illumination of the Heart by the Sun.

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How I swallowed the sun

Immagine you are looking at an electric light bulb, not bright about 25 watt.

What is happening? Electricity is passing through the wire causing it to heat up and energize the ions in the gas inside the bulb. The ions emits electromagnetic radiation (mysterious stuff), some of which, a small part, manages to enter your eyes and strike your retinal nerve cells. This causes another reaction where the electromagnetic energy stimulates the production of electro-chemical impulses which travel along your optic nerve in the black box called your brain, eventually arriving at the vision center where something mysterious happens and you “see” the light bulb. So far so good. What is also clear is that until the electro-chemical impulse reaches the vision center in your brain, you have not seen anything, the light from the bulb does not enter your head, it stops at your retina.

So, if whatever the light bulb gives off does not enter your head, where does the “light” you see come from?

Now think about looking at the sun.

Now think about all the light you have ever “seen” in your life.

This is called swallowing the sun.

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Meeting God

I tend not to value mystical experiences much as a means of communicating wisdom, partly because they tend to increase division, between those who have had experiences and those who have not, and also because they are mysterious in nature and cannot be controlled or relied upon, and also for the reason that they can occur in the most negative of circumstances and do not not necessarily lead to positive change. In my own case, mystical experiences coincided with a period of inner desolation and depression, and did nothing to change it, other than offer a few moments of relief and bliss. Whatever realization or spiritual progress I attained later on has been without exaggerated experiences of any kind, so I look upon my mystical experiences as interesting yet irrelevant to the pursuit of spiritual truth.

However, for some reason I feel prompted to write about the time I met God.

It was my habit, whilst living in Dubai, to meditate in the evenings before sleep. This simply involved sitting quietly. With a certain regularity I would experience visions of light and bliss, an expansion of consciousness, as if my head became luminous space. These highly enjoyable nocturnal events were a welcome change from a daytime experience of confusion and alienation.

So I was comfortably settled in my meditation, waiting for the show to start. Almost on cue, the energy traveled up my spine and into my head, pressing on my skull and causing a light head ache. Then release as my skull opened up and my mind expanded into luminous space, blissful and energizing.

Everything was light, space was light, I was light, I was space. Yet I still had a body, a physical existence, and gradually I became aware that I was not alone.

Behind me, like a huge rising sun, approached a presence of immense power. I lost interest in my mystical gymnastics and became very still and very small. This presence approached until it was very close. It radiated the most immense power and the most immense compassion and love. I was aware of my complete insignificance in relation to this presence, yet at the same time it was infinitely caring and careful not to disturb me.

The combination of power and love was overwhelming, my heart raced and the tears flowed down my cheeks.

As gently as it had arrived, the presence departed, and I was once again in my room sitting on the floor.

There are experiences in meditation that defy explanation, who or what the presence was, I have no idea.

Perhaps it was God.

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Cold facts for the seeker of truth

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin – The first human in space

All that you consider true is false

Who are you?

If you are honest you will say that you do not know, but that you are not your name, not your body, not your religion and so on, until you will remove yourself totally from life and say

“I am consciousness”

or some other non sense

and you will then go further and remove your self even from “I am”, you will be the space between the words, void, absolute, unknowable, “pure consciousness”

clap clap

Try to find the source of your discontent, your unhappiness, you will find it in your belief that you have some kind of separate condition, some special identity, some independent existence.

Where on earth did you get that idea?

Can you survive for more than a few minutes without oxygen, a few days without water, a couple of weeks without food, a second without your heart beating away to pump blood around your body?

Without gravity how long would you last?

Or is a spacesuit “you” as well?


What is your skin except the outer protective layer of your space suit?

What are your muscles but a way of moving you about?

And what are your organs but the self regulating system of your space suit?

So, why do you believe you are your space suit, when not a single part of it is “You”?

What is your mind but the intelligent operating system of the space suit, the on board computer, designed to keep it functioning and free from harm until the end of the mission?

What is your sense of self but a piece of program code that enables the space suit to function as a whole and to carry out the tasks set for it?

You are a piece of hardware with a software operating system with a sense of its own integrity.

When you get a sense of how the operating system works, a bell rings.

You have no idea how you got here or how long you will stay or what your mission is.

Is there anything else?

That you can be sure of ?

You are not even sure that your whole life is not a dream.

Have I gone too far?

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No Separation

In Kyoto Zen Garden

                  In Kyoto Zen Garden

That which was never separated can never be joined together.

The further one goes in search of the truth, the more everything melds into unity. Although it is useful to entertain ideas about transcendence or hidden aspects of reality, when one actually examines what is going on, everything becomes the same.

Reality initially appears to be something “out there”, when we examine how we perceive reality, we realize that it is something “in here”, then we realize that “out there” and “in here” are distinctions that have no validity. Everything is an aspect of that which we call consciousness, everything is totally real and everything is what we are. What we call matter is only a category of conscious experience, body IS mind, world is mind. Yet, mind itself is an aspect of body, it does not transcend it, or inhabit it, or is in any way separate from it.

you are the world, the world is you.

You are not “witness” or “perceIver”, there is nothing to perceive, there is no object and no subject, there is no relationship, no joining, because there is no separation, never was and never can be.

There is no spirituality, no materiality, only the ever unfolding of Reality.

Zen Garden in Kyoto

                  Zen Garden in Kyoto

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