It’s all about muscles, how we use them, how we misuse them. I work with muscles, either by teaching people how to breath (the greatest muscle of all except the heart is the breathing muscle, the diaphragm), how to move their bodies with Yoga. Or if people are in pain I put them on a table and move the muscles this way and that to get them to change. I call this Myopractic (myo-muscle, practic-to do) and the techniques i use are Bowen, Massage and Nuad Boran (Traditional Thai healing).
I used to be an Architect, dealing with solid stuff like concrete and bricks, but also very fine stuff like light and space, but I find our own internal architecture so much more advanced and fascinating.
When I am not working on others, I am working on myself, trying to be more aware and clearer minded, using the same techniques, Yoga , that I teach to others. Yoga teaches us that the essence of each person is the same, I like that, it means I must recognise myself in the other, we are all one. So, with Love, welcome


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