Diad: I and Thou

Supposing I said to you that it possible to eliminate all negative value from your life, to live life freely and confidently, with only positive events. To know your self as perfect and invincible, and so to live your life as a kind of entertaining learning activity, with no concept of failure. Supposing I said that! What would you think?

Perhaps you already live that way, perhaps you would like to live that way, perhaps you believe it is impossible to live that way.

The Diad Training method is a reformulation of ancient wisdom and practices in order to reveal the truth about who we are, and so remove the false thinking and beliefs that are the cause of inner anxieties and insecurities.

In order to understand any given situation that we find our selves in, it can be helpful to simplify it into an equation, in this case we use I+O, where I is the Self or the Individual, and O is the object or whatever condition is occurring, the + sign indicates that the two values are in relationship.

Normal problem solving starts with analyzing the O value, seeing it as the cause of the suffering that we are experiencing (my job, my partner, my co workers etc). This is to assume that the value O is responsible for what precedes it in the equation, which is itself a problematic proposition, and would require a new analysis of each occurrence of the value O (job, partner, co workers etc)

A more enlightened view might be to analyze the + value, i.e the nature of the relationship we have to the presumed cause (job, partner etc). But this is futile because we quickly realize that we cannot understand + unless we also include the initial value I.

Diad training goes straight to understanding of the constant value I and tries to clarify its nature.

By varying the values of O in I+O, we find that O can signify anything, including our thoughts and emotions. We can reduce all our conscious experience into the terms I+O, including such terms as I+my life, or I+my problems. By so analyzing conscious experience we begin to grasp the strange fact that the value I, although always present, is mysteriously undefinable. In other words who we really are, that sense of being aware or being alive, is somehow apart from everything and anything, what is called the witness or the observer or the knower in traditional wisdom.

This means that the I is beyond qualities and change, perfect and unchanging. In Yoga this realization is called kaivalya or apart-ness. It leads to liberation from the changing states of the world.

The problem, the source of our problems, is that we do not see truly who we are, just as we cannot truly see our own face, or the the eye cannot look at itself, so the I does not see itself when engaged in living in the world, unless it takes a moment to stop and to think about how things are put together.

This is the ancient promise of Classical Yoga, revealing perfection and freedom as your true nature. How would you behave if you knew without doubt that you have nothing to fear, that life can bring you only learning and enjoyment?

If you can solve a spreadsheet, you can solve all life problems. Diad training gives you the tools to do so .



About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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