The Intelligent Compassionate Universe

baby-photography-of-baby-boyIts been a long time since my last blog, I have been active on other platforms like LinkedIn and FB, but now this seems like the time to return to my blog.

I live and breath as part of the ICU, the I See You, the Intelligent Compassionate Universe.

As one lifts the veils that imprison our understanding, masquerading as Truth and knowledge, one finds oneself dissolving into nothingness. At the same time one expands into everythingness. As distinctions dissappear there is no longer an “I” that is separate from the “not I”, yet of course there is still a particular point of view, a means of interacting with reality. The whole life event appears as a dream, I am being dreamt, along with my dream body , my dream senses and my dream experiences. Everything I experience is part of that dream, and just like our beloved shrinks like to tell us, dreams have meaning. This universe has meaning, it is conscious.

It is no import in a dream to make things appear just as they are needed, time and space are just convenient tricks to keep things separate. That knowing entity that I identify as me, is just as present in every other thing, just as I am present in everything that I dream, it is all consciousness.

This is just how things are, “matter is consciousness” Sri Nisaragatta Maharaj says.

The universe is Intelligent and it is active in trying to help you wake up, to suffer less, it is compassionate, it sees you, I see you, ICU!

This is love.

From big bang to now this process of billions of years is just a few moments in the dream of the Divine. I , You and everything else are just bits of dreamstuff in the mind of the divine, so we are also divine in our nature.

If you use your mind to understand your experience, you will see that this is so.



About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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One Response to The Intelligent Compassionate Universe

  1. leithali says:

    great post bro!

    I C U…..marvellous!

    L E I T H A D J I N ADip.Arch. Dip.CST

    G M T

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