Ripples of the ocean

B0007851 Neuronal synapses

B0007851 Neuronal synapses Credit: Emily Evans. Wellcome Images


Bewildered is the Yogi who has broken the bonds of ignorance
Lost , to himself and others
He threw  the illusion of self existence into the boiling cauldron of truth and was consumed by  Brahman
Now he goes back and forth
asking strangers  for his head
Happiness and suffering
Are beyond him
He is lost in truth
Yet he loves you
Lost to him self
You are all he has

4 states
Elemental state: life on earth,
caught in the play of elements, life is a struggle to achieve security and an obsession with the personal: desire, pleasure, avoidance of pain etc this obsession obscures the existence of the solar self just as the clouds obscure the existence of the Sun

Solar self: leaving earth
Rising as it where above the elements, into the ever present light. A condition of safety and independence, the self is light. This is the blissful discovery of the Self, as the sun is the cause of life on earth yet is totally detached from it so the Self is the cause of life yet detached from it, splendid isolation !

Cosmic self : space travel
Expanding into this realm the solar self recedes to insignificance . All qualities become also insignificant, this state is characterized by the absence of interest in the condition of the personal self, it is of no account.  Everything is the same , existence and non existence are of no account. In this state one does not recognize oneself, is lost in truth.

Natural human : returning to earth
The cosmic, solar and elemental selves co exist in harmony, life is understood and accepted, no distinctions are made between human and nature, human and divine, divine and nature. This is the end of enlightenment with the destruction of mind and the triumph of nature or the body. This is a state of absolute normality based around life on earth and nature, identity is regained, there is no other and it is all sacred, the universal and the particular are the same.

Paradise is all around us, only our mind prevents us from seeing it. Life is Light, we are all enlightened, yet ask a fish if the ocean s wet and it does not know what you are talking about.

The closer you are to truth, and you are truth, the less you are .

There is only one option , to burn or to freeze

Two questions are important: who are you? Where do you come from?
To the first I say you are consciousness and only that. To the second I say go forward not back ‘

The whole problem arises from the development of symbolic or conceptual language and the manipulation of psychic objects without recourse to a natural standard, in other words abstract thought. Spiritual progress is the exploration of thought within thought , the concept of Self seeks its validation in thought and finds that it has none, so Self is extinguished as a concept. What remains is the body and it is recognized as possessing all the qualities of the spiritual or transcendent life, man the conscious animal lives in paradise in harmony with all.

The brain creates thought which is the manipulation of symbols in the mind. Thought conceives its own self as an object in thought and inquires as to the nature of the self

The monkey stood up and became man. vapours drifted upwards and concentrated in mans head instead of along his spine, whilst denser energies sank into his bowels, creating a polarity .Upright man saw himself orthogonal to the ground and his hyper energized mind conceived himself as special, as somehow free from the earth his mother, closer to the sky. The intense energetic charge in his head facilitated the growth in consciousness and language. The world became the word. Yet this consciousness is only the elaboration of memory and the abstraction of natural impressions, it is an image of nature .

The ground state of being is nature itself, the body, the ground.

The true spiritual field is overgrown with the weeds of thought . These weeds in turn constitute all that is known of the spiritual field, stifling all growth

Memory facilitates the objectification of the world, as a thought object. In the absence of memory, which is mind, there is no objectification, hence no subject, all is a dynamic unity. Thought creates the illusion of the perceiver and the perceived, in truth there is only perception which is the locus of reality.

You think you are a wave in the ocean, you are not even a drop. At most you are a bit of froth brought forth as waves collide, a side effect of reality. In that tiny bubble of froth reality is reflected and has caught your attention, and so also your life. All that you think feel and experience is in the surface of that bubble, time and space and the whole of life. But you are not there, you are not in the bubble. you are the ocean that becomes the wave which produces the bubble. That is how you know that you are alive, you observe the shiny changing surface of the bubble, which is your mind, and have the experience of life, but that which experiences is beyond mind, it is the ocean, the sky, consciousness itself. Not mine, not yours, not here not there , it is everything , and you are that. What you see on the surface of the bubble is not yourself, but the reflection of yourself.
I can say that I am in all things, that I am in the heart of all people, that I  am everywhere, because when I say I , I refer to my true self, not my individual personality.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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