Meeting God

I tend not to value mystical experiences much as a means of communicating wisdom, partly because they tend to increase division, between those who have had experiences and those who have not, and also because they are mysterious in nature and cannot be controlled or relied upon, and also for the reason that they can occur in the most negative of circumstances and do not not necessarily lead to positive change. In my own case, mystical experiences coincided with a period of inner desolation and depression, and did nothing to change it, other than offer a few moments of relief and bliss. Whatever realization or spiritual progress I attained later on has been without exaggerated experiences of any kind, so I look upon my mystical experiences as interesting yet irrelevant to the pursuit of spiritual truth.

However, for some reason I feel prompted to write about the time I met God.

It was my habit, whilst living in Dubai, to meditate in the evenings before sleep. This simply involved sitting quietly. With a certain regularity I would experience visions of light and bliss, an expansion of consciousness, as if my head became luminous space. These highly enjoyable nocturnal events were a welcome change from a daytime experience of confusion and alienation.

So I was comfortably settled in my meditation, waiting for the show to start. Almost on cue, the energy traveled up my spine and into my head, pressing on my skull and causing a light head ache. Then release as my skull opened up and my mind expanded into luminous space, blissful and energizing.

Everything was light, space was light, I was light, I was space. Yet I still had a body, a physical existence, and gradually I became aware that I was not alone.

Behind me, like a huge rising sun, approached a presence of immense power. I lost interest in my mystical gymnastics and became very still and very small. This presence approached until it was very close. It radiated the most immense power and the most immense compassion and love. I was aware of my complete insignificance in relation to this presence, yet at the same time it was infinitely caring and careful not to disturb me.

The combination of power and love was overwhelming, my heart raced and the tears flowed down my cheeks.

As gently as it had arrived, the presence departed, and I was once again in my room sitting on the floor.

There are experiences in meditation that defy explanation, who or what the presence was, I have no idea.

Perhaps it was God.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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