original sin?


So I woke up from eternal sleep and I said “I”, with that utterance, quiet and deep inside myself, the universe split asunder. Great was the calamity, though I saw it not. Such was my incipient violence, how can the new born cleave the universe in two? The universe became a diverse.

This is my original sin, at my very origin, the very existence of I is the fault line of the universe. To fill the gap and avoid falling I built a mountain of ignorance. I ignored it, the Truth, and set my sight elsewhere, anywhere but there! Yet wherever I looked there it was, “Mind the Gap!”. I created fiction upon fiction, lie upon lie, false truths and even falser truths. It would not go away, that original sin that is the core of my being.

I held myself apart, “I” and “Not I”, equal and opposite, more nonsense, to avoid my shame, I fell into a deep stupor.

In my dreams I was free to travel, a King, And so it was that I came here, and devised for myself a sanctuary, a turning sun, a turning earth, stars, day and night, work and rest, wakefulness and sleep. And I populated it with myself in multitudes and gave them all differences, I made everything diverse and forgetful, with attraction and propagation and complication.

Yet my waking was in truth only a deeper sleep, and my sleep was a greater wakefulness, for what is it to sleep within a dream if not to fall out of the dream into some other state which can only be wakefulness. So I lived upside down and inside out, and nobly searched for the truth in a dream land of my own making. And all the while the universe was a diverse and whispered to me day and night “I, Not I. I, Not I”

Still, my attempts to hide the truth where in vain. My diversity was in fact my salvation, for in my multitudining and evolutioning I became infinite again, or almost. In that almost infinity I gained access again to my origins, I created openings in the diverse and occasionally I fell through into the universe and knew truth. So it was that I started to gather my selves and speak to my selves and both lead and follow to the collapsing of the diverse, and slowly we are finding our way back.

Now I speak to you, I and I together again, do you hear? Come with me, let us wake from our original sleep again, with understanding.

Do you hear me?

I and I

To gather again?


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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