The shiny bowl of light

“She seemed to see the whole world through it, it would speak to her and tell her secrets.

Secrets that she long ago forgot ”


Asa was a simple child, pure of face and innocent in her ways. She lived in as small fishing village that occupied the furthest part of the bay, far from the town and the tourists. She would spend her time playing with her friends or else helping her parents in the home.

Although her family was poor Asa had one possession that she valued very much, a small silver bowl. She couldn’t remember how or where she found it, and as it was her secret, nobody else had told her anything about it. For as long as she could remember, Asa had had the silver bowl. To her it seemed as if the bowl lit up the whole world, it was always shining. She knew it was special, but she did not know why. When she looked upon it, it was as if the light went into her body and she went into the bowl, she could not tell one from the other, except that it was a very nice feeling that made her very happy

One day, when Asa was out, her mother went into her room to get something. By accident she saw the bowl lying there, next to her bed

“What is this?” thought her mother “I did not know Asa had a serving bowl!, very nice it is too, though a bit small”, she put it back and went out.

Later at dinner time, Asa’s mother asked Asa “sweetheart, why do you have a silver bowl in your room”, Asa was surprised, but she told the truth “ I have always had it mother,”

“Well, it is a nice bowl, why don’t you bring it out here, so that we can all see it? “ said her mother

“Ok mother, “ said Asa. So she went into her room and brought out the silver bowl to show all her family.

“That bowl will look very good on the shelf,” said her father, “brighten up the room!”.  Although Asa was a bit sad that she would not have her precious bowl all to herself, she was happy that her family also liked it, so she accepted, and they put the bowl on the shelf. And there it stayed.

In the meantime, Asa started to go to school. The school was a place where she would learn all sorts of things and meet new friends. Asa was so very excited at all the new things that she forgot all about her special silver bowl, sitting on the shelf, and although she sometimes felt sad for no reason, she was a popular and much loved student. With Asa and her brother now at school, there was no one around to help at home and her parents also forgot about the little silver bowl , which by now was beginning to fade and get dusty.

As time went by, Asa became serious at studying, but her teachers said she was not very attentive and was often distracted. One day, on the way home, Asa got into a fight with some other girls and was very upset. Her mother cooked her something special, and just for her, she served it up in her little silver bowl. That is how Asas little silver bowl became her food bowl.

Over the years the bowl lost its shine, as Asa grew older she also used it for cooking, and it became blackened on the outside  and all scratched on the inside.  At university Asa would quickly cook and leave to study, so the bowl also became dirty. Eventually she left it somewhere and forgot all about it.

Asa got married and became pregnant. During her pregnancy she had a strange dream, she was approached by a very young child who asked her “Asa , I am looking for my bowl, have you seen it?”

When Asa awoke she immediately went to look for her silver bowl. She found it buried under a lot of stuff in a storage cupboard, it was dirty, and covered with grime, hardly recognizable. Suddenly she felt so guilty about having left her bowl, and sat down to clean it, after all it wall all that she had left of her childhood.

Asa would clean the bowl every day during her pregnancy, the bowl began to shine bright. When finally the baby was due, she wrapped the bowl in her clothes and kept it with her.

As soon as she got home, Asa and her baby went to the special place where she would play as a little child. There Asa spoke to her child in this way:

“ My dear baby, I am giving you this precious little bowl as it was given to me by my mother. It will keep you company and give you light for your life. You cannot understand me now, but I hope that you will take good care of the bowl, to keep it clean and polished, so that the light it reflects will always be with you to guide you. It is a magic bowl, and can also teach you much, many secrets, please do not forget what it says, it will help you avoid suffering. More than anything , I hope you do not forget your little bowl of light, although I know you will, everyone does. I love you more than anything.”

Asa hugged and kissed her little baby, who stared back at her with open innocent eyes, full of light.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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