Random thoughts on the illusion of seperation


No entanglement


No action

No actor

No perception

No perceiver

No perceived

No duality!

Duality is a concept born out of error. The error of separation, conceived by language. In the beginning was the word , yes at the beginning of time is the concept of time, yet what has no beginning and no end is not the word, it cannot be shown explained pointed at. It is that in which all things have their origin, yet it has no origin.

The Tao that can be named is not the real Tao.

The I is the illegitimate child born of the word and that which comprehends the word . Yet the search of the bastard offspring for its parents is life itself.
This world is like a dream, the I is like a dream. That is the knowing of this life. The dreamer is dreaming I and I dream the world . In the dream I am gifted with knowledge, an artifact of the dream, that knowledge allows understanding that life is a dream, that I am a dream . That is all.

No bondage No liberation

Can we rely on reason to find the truth? Yes, because “truth” is by definition reasonable.
1+1=2 is true and reasonable. Truth is that which is  revealed through reason.
If we examine experience we find that it reveals our inability to know anything beyond what is created in the black box of our minds. Therefore all our ideas and perceptions of an “outer” reality are un reasonable, we cannot know whether it exists or what it is like actually. Furthermore we must recognize that what we have taken to be true is not necessarily so. We must also admit that our minds somehow create the appearance of an outer reality. We must so admit that time, space, light, dark ,matter and non matter alike is the stuff of mind, life is mind.
Within this mind scape of mind is an entity called “I” . The “I” is self knowing or self conscious, yet it is an artifact of mind just like everything else. Mistaking itself to be separate in kind from the mind scape it creates the delusion of separation or duality.

No relationship
All relationship presupposes duality,

when duality is realized as false there is no more relationship.

All is consciousness
To the extent that God is defined by thought then God is consciousness , yet God is beyond definition . One can realize that one is a part of that being identified as God, but true knowledge of God belongs to God alone, so I agree with those who say ” not this, not this” and leave it at that.

The sky is not blue, the sky is blue
From a first view we all know the sky is blue, then we realize that the color blue is an artifact of mind, colors are not real, they are the way our mind interprets frequencies. So, the sun is not yellow either. If the sun is not a bright yellow circle in a blue sky then has anyone ever seen the sun? Of course we have all seen the sun, only it has its entire existence in our mind. The world is imagination, matter IS consciousness . So the sky is blue after all.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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