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Dark Matter

Originally posted on The Science Geek:
This post is about dark matter and is the latest in my series on cosmology, the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe as a whole. As readers of my previous posts will recall, dark matter…

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Gastric Flu and God

This whole situation called Life, Existence and Everything, has only one goal, to bring forth the understanding of I AM. Gastric Flu or Death will overcome me sooner or later, so do not think that I AM is me or … Continue reading

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The Swimmer

So I jumped into the sea and began to swim and my swimming forced the golden tears from your eyes and the singing of your tears tore the wings from the angels and they too fell into the sea A … Continue reading

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In the beginning

In the beginning I looked at a thing Unknowing Uncomprehending And I did not know What is was Then as I looked I came to knowledge Slowly Until I knew What it was As I continued to look I gained … Continue reading

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3 strangers

I arrived at the oasis after a long and tiring journey, in the cool shade of the date palms I laid down and fell into a deep sleep. Presently I became aware of a person approaching, I looked up to … Continue reading

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the curse of the divine

Do you want to discover your divine qualities? They are really not so hidden. It is a commonplace to hear that humans have the opportunity to discover their divine nature and so end their suffering. The assumption is that although … Continue reading

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