Flowers without scent


                    Bee pollinates flower (Credit: nutmeg66 via Flickr.)

A human being is like a flower, starting off as a seed, nothing more than a drop of earth, with fire inside. This fire pushes the seed to grow , towards the light. As it grows it draws nutrients through its roots and energy from the light of the sun, it puts out leaves and branches. Eventually it produces a flower, which can be likened to the flowering of mind and consciousness in the human. This flower is often considered the supreme accomplishment of evolution, human reason, separating us from animals, whose minds are somehow only in the bud, never achieving full flowering or awareness. There are as many types of mind as there are flowers, giving rise to the huge variety of human expression and experience. Yet, the flower is itself only a part of the process, for it then proceeds to produce a substance even more refined, invisible , the attractive scent. This scent is meant to attract the pollinating insects and birds that serve to continue plant life and hence human life on planet earth. It is this refined invisible substance which is responsible for maintaining life on earth. In the human this refined essence is that aspect of ourselves which we call spirit or love, and it is as delicate and as important for life on earth as is the scent of the flower.  It is spirit which connects all humans to each other and to life, and just as all true scent is a product of and issues from the flower itself, so all true spirituality is a product of mind, or knowledge. Spirituality is a refined knowing, an understanding based on awareness of the whole and the parts and how they interact. As the purpose of the seed is to grow into a plant and to produce a flower which then produces a scent which ensures pollination and so the survival of the plant species, so the the purpose of the human is to produce this refined knowing or awareness which alone guarantees our survival, for without it there is no connection between one and another, between human and nature, and life eventually unravels.

However, just as is possible to produce flowers without scent, as anyone who has bought a red rose in the past few days knows, it is possible to produce a human without refined knowledge, without spirituality, without the attraction and connection to the whole of life. This is the case of the world view which is dominant today, deriving from a mix of reductive science , materialism and consumerism, humans in much of the world are losing their connection, which is also that which insures our survival.

It is no accident that the bees in the world are dissappearing, threatening life on the planet, the roses have no scent, and what is the value of a life without the perfume of the rose?


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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