the fields of probability

Come with me, let us go on a walk through the fields of probability, to the fountain of unity.


The fields of probability are endless and infinitely varied, they could be called the universe if you like, maybe. Anyway they are full of all sorts of experiences , scattered like wild flowers over time and space, enough to keep one busy for an eternity, perhaps.

Aah I see you have seen a flower which you like. But how did you do that? stretch out your hand and pick it? how is it done? amazing!! You are so gifted! You say the flower is beautiful, and you would like to keep it, but if it is not beautiful? I don’t know. But please, allow me to explain what is going on between you and the flower. You see, what happens when you look at the flower? Light from the sun is reflected by the flower in all directions, some of it manages to enter your eyes where it stimulates special nerves in your retina. The electro chemical excitement then travels along the optic nerves into your brain, until this point you have still not seen anything, then the electro chemical charge enters a special part of the brain called the vision center, and the image of the flower appears in your mind. So, what you really see is the image created by the brain when certain nerves are excited in a certain manner. The light from the flower does not enter your brain, your brain is like a black box, no light from outside ever gets past the eyes. You are right, it IS wierd, but no more so than what happens when a television recieves signals through a wire and creates pictures on the screen. The spooky part is, how do you know that what you “see” in your mind, is anything at all like what is actually there? In fact, it is not, that flower is reflecting all sorts of energies that we just don’t see. What we call visual reality, is just a mysterious image that somehow forms in our mind, of a very small part of what we are actually looking at, if we had different eyes, we would see a different flower, which means that it would be a different flower, for we only know what we perceive. I see you are a bit confused, don’t worry, it will all become clear eventually. What I am trying to show you is that you have never really seen a flower for what it is, all you have ever seen is what your mind has projected for you. It is as if you are dreaming that you see a flower, in fact when we dream it seems real to us, shapes colours, space, time,even people, everything is there, sometimes in lurid detail, we only realize it is a dream when we wake up. Let us lie down here on the grass. Look at the sun, is it not like the flower? Of course, the sun emits x rays, magnetic storms, ionized particles, non of which we see, yet we can still say that the sun emits visible light can we not? well, not really, you see, just like the flower, the sun’s light does not actually enter your brain , what you call sunlight is just an image created by your brain when the sun’s energies stimulate the optic nerves, in reality the sun is completely dark!! What I am saying, is that all the light you have ever seen, has only ever existed in your imagination. Please, sit down a moment, I have some more amazing and very good news.  I am not saying that light is not real, I am just pointing out the nature of its reality. Of course the light exists, it is created or rather modified by your mind in order that you can make sense of existence. In fact it is true to say that your consciousness creates the whole world in all its glory!! Now doesn’t that make you feel good? Wait, that does not mean that you can go around making things appear and dissapear, for you are just as much a part of that creation as everything else, did you create yourself? of course not. There are rules. or now it is enough to try to to find out, if the light of the sun does not actually come from the sun, where does it come from? This is a big mystery, let us say that when the mind is no longer involved in its world creation, when it is no longer thinking, feeling, experiencing, when it finally calms down and is still, it has a chance of seeing the stuff of which it is made. You have to take my word on this, because to get to that point is not so easy, even though it is the truth of what you are. You see, the mind sees that a light falls upon it, or that it is somehow created out of light, or that it is a form of light, or that light is a form of mind. When I say mind I mean consciousness, which is different from thinking and feeling and experiencing, it is that which knows it is thinking, feeling or experiencing, so it not that which you usually call mind. But, anyway, I hope that you can see that you have no real knowledge of the outside world at all, that what you call reality is in fact an amazing performance of your consciousness, that includes your body and your mind, your personality, who you think you are. Is there really any difference between you looking at the flower and looking at say your hand, except that you are able to move your hand, in itself another mystery. Is there really any difference between the connection between your mind and your hand, and the connection between your mind and the flower? Of course your hand is connected by nerves which relay sensation, but the flower is also connected physically to you, it is a part of your conscious experience, just not in the same way as your hand is.

Your head is spinning you say? Yes, I know, that is why I suggested we sit down on this grass. I see you are looking at me in a strange way, you are wondering who I am. Of course I exist in your world, as you exist in mine, I have summoned you as you have summoned me, to have this little talk, through the internet, on a blog. You wanted to know how things are, so I have shown you what you were to busy to see. You see, in the fountain of unity all the drops come from and return to the universal pool, I am you and you are me, the rest is just probability.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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