The photosynthesis of metaphysical light

Taro leaf underside, backlit by the sun

Taro leaf underside, backlit by the sun

One of the greatest obstacles, perhaps the only obstacle, to Self Realization, is the belief that our identity is a product of our mind. We assume, that what we are is the collection of thoughts, experiences, memories that make up the content of our personality. What we fail to ask is, if all we are is thoughts, emotions and experiences, who or what is it that thinks, feels and experiences?

A tree is made up of roots, trunk, branches, leaves and flowers or seeds. The leaves have the function of absorbing light from the sun and somehow turning it into living tissue, the miracle of photosynthesis. Each leaf has a definite life, it is born , it grows and it dies. At the end of its “life” it detaches from the tree, falls to the ground to become part of the earth in which the tree has its roots. If a leaf could think it might have thoughts on being a leaf, feelings about cold or hot weather, fear when it is windy, and perhaps some anxiety about its ultimate end. All this would constitute to the leaf, its identity. Reality , to the leaf would all be about weather, other leaves, its attachment to the tree, its growth and so on. All the time it would be probably completely unaware of its true purpose, photosynthesis, happening automatically all the time, vital for the existence of the tree and all life.

We are like that thinking leaf, aware of our connection to the tree of life, scared of its ending, occupied with our image, our activities our thoughts, yet unaware of the great function we have, going on automatically, creating life though the photosynthesis of metaphysical light. Metaphysical light is the light of the Soul before it become consciousness, it falls upon the leaf of our minds and somehow becomes that consciousness by which we can know. We don’t know how this happens, but it does. This consciousness, created through meta-photosynthesis, spreads throughout the world as life.

If you think this is nonsense, think about this: The Sun is not the source of light on the Earth, you are. When you look at the sun, dark waves of radiation enter your eyes and stimulate the retinal cells. Electrochemical codes passes along your optic nerve to the brain, something mysterious happens, and “light” appears in your brain. Where does that light come from?

Just as the leaf transforms sunlight into life so we transform metaphysical light into Life. It is consciousness which creates the tree, the leaf and all things. In fact , that tree IS consciousness, everything is, synthesised from metaphysical light.  Everything is part of one Soul, as humans we are like the leaf that allows everything to live. This is understanding, love, Oneness in truth and responsibility.


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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