In the land of the blind

The only thing that really exists is light. When the mind experiences this light it experiences abiding happiness. This is not mystical mumbo jumbo, it is the way things are, the truth. There is no “real world” out there as you perceive it, everything exists in your mind, this is proven by science and is accessible to anyone who cares to inquire into their own nature, it is no mystery. Even the light that you see when you look at the sun, is in actual fact the light of your mind. Nobody has ever really seen anything! Don’t believe me? Ok, lets analyse what happens when you look at a flower. Light from the flower enters your eyes trough the pupil, it then proceeds to the retina and activate various retinal nerve cells. The nerve cells then produce a kind of electrochemical signal which travels along the optic nerve, in total darkness, to the vision center in the brain. Then something mysterious happens and we “see” the flower. The light from the flower does not enter your brain, it stops at the retina. So, where does the light of the flower that you see in your mind come from?  It is immaginal light. You have no idea if what you see in your mind is anything like the real flower, in fact it is not. Not only this, but ALL THE LIGHT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN HAS ITS EXISTENCE ONLY IN YOUR MIND, and yet inside your skull it is pitch black. Nobody has ever really seen anything, felt anything, heard anything. The real world out there is a swirling storm of energy, “dark” and completely unknown. What this means is that you are the source of the light of the world , source OF the world, you ARE the world. That should make you feel pretty good!


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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