The view from reality

So what is is spiritual practice anyway? First of let me say that there is no such thing as spiritual practice, spirituality is a name we give to an aspect of reality that we don’t really understand. We call it spiritual and differentiate it from material, which is another aspect of reality we don’t understand , though we think we do. There is no “other” reality, waiting to be discovered through spiritual practice. There is only Reality waiting to be recognized. We live life as if in a dream, we think we are awake and yet our state is closer to sleep, when we go to sleep and dream then we are perhaps closer to being truly awake. Realization is the event when one wakes up and realizes that one is dreaming. Can you prove to me that you are not dreaming? You may live for a 100 years , die and realize it was all a dream lasting 5 minutes, are you ready for that? Who is the dreamer then in that case? Who are you? Do you know who you are? You do not, you hang on to your name, your beliefs, your work, terrified to let go. Humanity is like a man who closes himself in a room and throws away the key and then forgets that it ever happened. You have a brain, use it! Who are you? What do you really know? How do you know you are not dreaming? What is time? What is space? Were you present at your birth? Wake up! The truth is you are an immortal being , you are light, there is no key, no locked room, no right way no wrong way, there is just you and that which sustains you in eternity. You are a filament of divine light and even that is just a metaphor.



About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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One Response to The view from reality

  1. leithali says:

    wow! I like this writing, its crystal clear! The world is changing and available information is changing with it, what used to be mysticism is now a transformative wave and its good to see you surfing bro!

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