Excuse me, does my mind smell?

Clean teeth, wash face, wash hands, have a shower, polish shoes, wash car, hoover apartment, throw out the rubbish, what’s missing? Stinky mind! How often do you empty out the contents of that particular black box? Most of us go around with really smelly minds, festering bits of greed, envy, regret, guilt, fear, all swimming around in a putrid soup of numinous goo, along with hard caked up remnants from years ago and who knows what else. Every now and then we have a good laugh and some of the goo gets thrown out, but we soon get cooking again, stirring our daily stew. Its just amazing that there is no real culture of mental hygiene in daily life. Mind cleaning is a duty we owe to ourselves, just like backing up the hard disk, or cleaning your car windscreen. How on earth do you expect to understand reality when you have all that mess interfering with every bit of information coming in from outside? How do you expect to react to life correctly without emptying out the box at least weekly, if not daily. Our minds are the most sophisticated and complicated instruments in the universe,they literally present reality to us for our edification, but they need maintenance baby, just like everything else. Clean up your mind, polish the mirror of your heart, and you may well catch a glimpse of that amazing field of bliss that is the essence of everything!


About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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