You are Light

In my personal experience with yoga practice as taught in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, I have written about how Yoga leads to self understanding, as this is worth pondering on some more, I offer another way of seeing it.

In Plato’s allegory of the cave, humanity is chained and facing the back of the cave “Their hands and feet are in chains and their heads are clamped so they cannot look around. The majority are eating, drinking, laughing, and singing. They are not bothered in the least by their chains, even to the extent that they look with some hostility at those who try to free themselves or help others to do so. They have their backs to the entrance of the cave and are only able to look at the far end, where a great screen is hung.” Mae Wan Ho – The entangled universe., Yes magazine article.

Interestingly, Plato is clear that most people do not suffer in this state, yet, we feel sympathy for them, they are not free. Although they are eating, drinking, laughing and singing, we cannot help but feel that somewhere they are suffering, after all they are in a cave, in chains, they just don’t know it.

When photons strike the cones and rods of the retina wall, they are converted into electro chemical signals which travel along the nerves to the vision centers in the brain and we “see”, but there are no photons in the brain, the light we “see” is not the “real” light outside, so where does this “light” come from? It must be there already, a property of consciousness. Without this light of consciousness  we cannot see anything at all.

Going back to Plato’s allegory, what the unfortunate cave dwellers experience is the whole of reality, life, birth, death, everything, there is no “outside of the cave” in the normal sense, the only way out, if there is one, is to realize that one is watching a projection, and that whatever one thinks or experiences is part of that projection. The only thing that is not part of the projection, in that the projection is dependent upon it, is that there is a light of consciousness.

If the cave dwellers had a special remote control, that could gradually remove colours, smells, sounds, thoughts, etc from the projection, they would come eventually to be watching a bright white screen, eventually that too would dissappear, along with concepts such as “the self” or “viewer”, all that would remain is light.

You are light.




About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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