Yoga and Sex

Yoga and Sex

There it is, the S word, why do I feel as if I have said something innapropriate?
Yoga is about union, about relationships in all its forms, and Yoga is about living.

Why and when did the sex get taken out of Yoga, or become some sort of wierd cult activity?

Since when did The Truth get divorced from Life (After all No Sex=No Life! Punto e Basta!),
The answers to that question take us back to the rise of the Brahmin culture in India,
with its horrible caste sytems, devaluation of women and emphasis an the attainment of a heroic
status through dicipline and sacrifice.
But Yoga has its origins in an earlier, more egalitarian culture, one where spirituality and everyday life where intimately
related, Yoga was a means to develop and maintain that pre-existing link to the Divine, it wasn’t about finding yourself,
but about not losing it!
Yoga teaches us to accept ourselves just as we are, to develop an intimate relationship with what we are,
mind, body, breath, sex, relationship. In finding this intimacy (are you close to your breath?) with ourselves,
we can feel it with others, this leads to intimacy of relationships.
Lack of true intimate relationships is probably the greatest cause of unhappiness in the developed world.

Another way Yoga helps us and our sex lives is physiological. Desire is linked to physical health, Yoga
stimulates blood flow all over, especially down in the Apana zone just below the belt line, waking it up,
activating and toning muscles and getting rid of stagnant blood, new blood flows in , bringing liveliness with it!

Yoga is not gymnastics, whether physical or spiritual, Yoga is Life, or rather Yoga is the true relationship of Life to Life,
and it is about intimacy, closeness, to oneself, the Divine, one’s partner, and to experience.

All these ideas, and most of what I have to say, are borrowed from others, especially great Teachers like Mark Whitwell,
he is saying something really important, you can find him on FB!.

Thank you.



About the naked human

the naked human is what we are underneath. When we shed our thoughts and look calmly in the mirror upon the light of the soul. Peace and Love.
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