Massage range from the the strictly remedial and curative to the sensually stimulating to the relaxation and even purely energetic or non physical. I offer Myopractic , for muscle pain and adhesions. Bowen: For all sorts of chronic problems which resist resolution. Nu’at Thai: Traditional Thai 4 element massage for healing and flexibility.   All … More Massage

Diad: I and Thou

Supposing I said to you that it possible to eliminate all negative value from your life, to live life freely and confidently, with only positive events. To know your self as perfect and invincible, and so to live your life as a kind of entertaining learning activity, with no concept of failure. Supposing I said … More Diad: I and Thou

No Entanglement: Reflections from a mirror without a surface

No entanglement Disentanglement No action No actor No perception No perceiver No perceived No duality! Duality is a concept born out of error. The error of separation, conceived by language. In the beginning was the word , yes at the beginning of time is the concept of time, yet what has no beginning and no … More No Entanglement: Reflections from a mirror without a surface